Wednesday, September 20, 2017

15 Habits of Authentic People

Authenticity is a word that has caught my attention more than once recently. I have spent the last few years becoming acutely aware of who I am and what things need to change so that I can live my best life.

While I am on this path, something in the universe keep throwing "authenticity" my way.

And so I decided to research authenticity. Authenticity as it pertains to people... more specifically as it pertains to me. Am I authentic? If not, is it a quality I should be aspiring to develop?

What are some of the key characteristics that define authentic people? I have come up with 15 major indicators that really strike a chord with me:

  1. They figure out what they're tolerating and tolerate less. You tolerate things because you're just not quite ready to deal with something. Can be anything from - home repairs, clutter, paying attention to your body, or even unsupportive relationships. 
  2. They don’t complain as they take full responsibility of their lives. They take personal responsibility for how their actions created a certain outcome. They are willing to look at how they influenced each and every situation and act accordingly.
  3. They find genuine connections: They seek to truly understand the people around them. They ask thoughtful questions, and listen intently. By developing a genuine understanding of and connection to the people they are with, they are more likely to feel genuine and authentic themselves. 
  4. And, to make genuine connections, you must be present: They are more present in their conversations and relationships. They are active listeners, and give people their full attention. Mastering the art of presence perhaps is the single most effective way to ensure authenticity in any situation. They truly listen to others. They don’t listen in order to respond. Nor do they listen to others while being distracted by their phone, the TV or whatever else may be a distraction. They’re able to be fully present with another person. They’re able to listen to others with a genuine interest and care for the other person. 
  5. They see value in giving love to others. They see value in giving love and kindness indiscriminately. They understand that we are all connected and are willing to give others a helping hand. They know that by helping others, they are helping themselves. They allow and encourage others to express their own truth with love and acceptance as well. 
  6. They’re perfectly happy in their own company and they’re great friends with their own selves. 
  7. They put some time into personal growth. This can be through classes, volunteering or hobbies. Regularly doing hobbies that inspire people to improve skills is a great way to define what makes them happiest. 
  8. They accept their flaws. Being comfortable with yourself requires you to accept that you are not perfect. If you know your flaws and make efforts to avoid hurting others or yourself with them, then you are much more in touch with reality. 
  9. They keep all of their agreements. They don't take agreements lightly. They really consider: Do you want to say yes to this or not? They write all of their agreements down, because most people forget the things they agree to. It is too easy to forget. They schedule time to do the actions or the activities that are required to keep that agreement. They inform someone if they are going to have to break an agreement as soon as they know it is going to be broken, rather than wait until the last minute, because then they don't have time to reconsider or reschedule themselves. 
  10. They recognize the emptiness in material things.  They also don’t rate other people based on the material items that they have or don’t have because they know it doesn’t hold much meaning. 
  11. Instead of investing in material things, they recognize that experiences make their lives richer. They’re aware of how life experiences create more meaning in our lives. They are open to explore and learn, both externally and internally. 
  12. They make the most out of the situations they find themselves in, good or bad. 
  13. They let go of critical and toxic people, although they don’t hold any bad feelings towards them. 
  14. They express their true thoughts, feelings and views unapologetically They don’t say things that they don’t truly mean. They don’t do things that they don’t really want to do. They are able to share their own unique thoughts, feelings and views without fear of other’s opinions. 
  15. They’re not out to please people. They know that by living their lives to please others all the time disconnects them from their own inner experience. They know the importance of being aware, acknowledging, and expressing their own unique thoughts, feelings and views to the world. They know that by expressing their true internal experience, they are able to share their gifts with the world. 

And now that I have defined some of the traits, I need to assess my values and find my way to my true self. Are you authentic? Do you believe in authenticity?

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