Friday, September 22, 2017

5 Things Friday: A Motley Mix

1. Speaking of authenticity, I need to start by loving myself. All parts of myself. I so struggle with being comfortable in my own skin. I found a great course I think I am going to take: 10 Days of Body Neutrality Discoveries. I am hoping this e-course will help me let go of body shame and move me towards more acceptance.

2. I sense a trend here. I have decided to let my grey hair show! I started graying when I was 22. With black hair, that is a very noticeable change. I have never accepted that gracefully, so I have spent 20 years dying my hair. It is time to let it go... but not in a subtle way. I want to make fun of it. I have found a ton of ideas and I would LOVE input. What style and color do you love?

3. My family has been eating vegetarian for about 6 weeks now. I am officially sick of looking for new recipes that 3 children will all eat. I found a new one this week, though, that was delicious. I actually bought ingredients the next day to make another batch to freeze. If you like buffalo wings, you will love this soup.

4. Halloween is coming... I hope my friends and neighbors get on this bandwagon.

5. I can not really put a list together without a living simply bullet: 25 Things to Get Rid of This Fall... some great tips here.

Happy Friday Bitches!!!!

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