Thursday, February 23, 2017

Five Favorite Things

I am loving a lot of things right now. Generally February is lackluster and the month where you start counting the moments until spring. But somehow this February has flown by for me and I have not been nearly as miserable as I typically am at the end of a long, cold, snowy winter. I have actually found a few things that I am quite fond of:

1. The view from my front window.
I loved the spring view from my new home. I adored the summer view as well. The fall? It was gorgeous. And now I have also fallen in love with the winter sun streaming through my windows.

2. My Nikon DLSR camera.
I have recently taken my Nikon out of the closet after years of hibernation. I fell into a rut of relying on my phone for my photos. It's so easy. It's accessible.

But I wanted some better photos of my girls' sports, so I want back to my old faithful... and I am loving it. I am quite excited to have a spare few moments to sneak off on a photo expedition and reignite my creativity.

3. Applying my foundation with a brush.
This is brand new to me. I just went to a Mary Kay party and we applied our foundation with this brush. It has changed me life. It makes the foundation go on so smooth. It is crazy amazing... seriously. You're welcome.

4. Spindrift Sparkling Water
I do not like drinking plain old water. So I rely on sparkling water or seltzer for my water intake. And Spindrift is the bees knees. It has actual fruit in it so it just has a more fulfilling flavor than regular seltzer. Hi, my name is Michele and I am a Spindrift addict. I now buy it 4 or 5 cases at a time.

5. My new kitten.
She is so stinking cute. I just wish she would sleep at night and not all day.

That's it. Those are my five favorite things right now. Check out Mama Kat for other peoples favorite things today.


  1. The view from your window looks so peaceful. I would probably lose a chunk of time daily, day-dreaming out that window!

  2. What a gorgeous view! And a great shot too. Foundation with a brush? I think a guy at an Ulta store told me that once but I didn't take his advice. I'll have to give it a try. And kittens, well, they're perfection!

  3. I have done the foundation with a brush and I also love the way it goes on. I caught the little heart shadow the ring made in the photo you took very creative. I was going to buy a better camera this tax season but opted for a new computer. Last but not least the view from your window is beautiful. We just get a view of neighbors, that can be amusing at times but, less than pretty like yours.

  4. Oh my gosh, that VIEW! That KITTEN! I want it all!!