Thursday, January 19, 2017

Introversion 101

Hi, my name is Michele and I am an introvert.

I have been studying introversion and what it means for me for years. There are endless articles on introverts:

Are you Secretly an Introvert?
Myths About Introverts
Dating While Introverted
Etc., etc., etc.

I bet I read at least one article per day on the topic... and I have learned a lot over the years.
  • There are things like the physiological manifestation of introversion which includes low blood pressure. I have struggled with low blood my whole life and it is interesting to now find this correlation.
  • It is normal and ok for me to want (ok need) to recharge. And there are countless ways I can do this and still be productive.
  • For me, introversion can sometimes mean craving absolute solitude... and that is not uncommon. This post said it well, "The other day I heard a fun-loving morning show radio host say she needs to be in the house alone often in order to be civil.  Having someone in another room of the same house isn’t good enough. She can feel them there. I loved that she said that because I am the same way." Me too!!!
  • Being introverted is not an excuse to flake on your friendships. I need my friends... a lot. And sometimes that means stepping outside of my comfort zone, making a plan to see them and keeping that plan. No matter how depleted I may feel at that time. If I waited for that moment I am feeling energized and uber-social to connect... I'd end up a lonely lady crafting nifty cat fur projects.
  • There are good and bad jobs for introverts. I wish I had figured this out about 20 years ago before I got into retail management, which is one of the worst possible jobs for my personality. I am now in the career that is much better suited to me and I can feel the anxiety that has lifted from my life due to this career change.
  • If it's my birthday, get me something like this.
  • And I have so much more to learn. Coming to terms with my introversion has led to much self discovery, but there is much more work I need to do to understand myself and to make living with me easier for my loved ones.
Or if anyone has tips to share, I would love to hear them.

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