Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hello 2017, Goodbye Stuff

Helllooo 2017!!!

No new resolutions here... because who really keeps those? But I did set a few goals. Realistic and attainable goals, because that is what you are supposed to do, right?

First for me is to get rid of 100 things in January. My mantra (and tattoo) have been to live simply for many years now (see that name of my blog??). And I fear that moving from an itty-bitty apartment into a much larger house in 2016 will possibly give me incentive to get more stuff so I want to be cognizant of behaviors and make sure I am still keeping things and distractions and stuff to a minimum in my life.

Starting with purging 100 somethings. I have decided these 100 somethings can be anything from junk email subscriptions to tangible items in my life. Anything that takes up time/space/attention that is giving me nothing in return.

What can I purge? Let's brain storm....

Probably anything found in a "junk drawer".

Clothes not worn for the past 6 months.

Apps from my electronics that I no longer use.

Contacts from my phone that I do not need.

Friends or followers on social media that I really have no interest in learning about.

Paper files. Nearly everything is digital (or can be) now, why keep hard copies?

Paper bills (sign up for paperless instead.)

Electronics cords (I have at least 40 random cords hanging around that I have no use for or idea what they belong to.)

Bathroom trinkets (ie. old makeup, toiletries, gazillion travel shampoo bottles you should donate to a shelter, etc, etc.)

Items you "plan" to fix, mend, sew... etc. If you have not done it within a couple of weeks, will you really ever?

Kids toys that I am only holding onto as some sort of way of keeping my children young.

Pounds! You know, everyone has to throw in the fitness goal at the start of the year, right?

Subscriptions/junk emails. Spend 30 minutes and hit that "unsubscribe" button on every unneeded email and you will save hours of your time scrolling through unnecessary crap in the future.

I have started already and have accomplished a lot in the first week or so. I am up to nearly half of my purge 100 goal.  I think it is easier for me than some, but I truly have no issue in tossing the unnecessary. You can solve so many life issues by simply living with less. And if you have children, you are doing them a huge favor by setting this example early.


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