Monday, July 25, 2016

Last week, I was in NYC. As I was wondering around Times Square, I was brought back to my blogging conference I attended there years ago and I began to reminisce about my long lost blog. I generally am reminded about it once a year when I pay my hosting bill or sporadically when a friend will tell me they miss my blogging. And I miss it too. I certainly miss the point in my life where I had so much more time for writing, for creating, for crafting... for the simpler things in life.

I have since gone back to work full time (plus!). My middle daughter has turned into some bizarre super-athlete who plays at least one sport 365 days per year. (Who knew that being a sports mom would eat up such a huge part of my life.) My oldest daughter is in high school which brings more challenges as we run her to math meets and National Honor Society meetings and student council events (Fingers crossed she gets a license very soon!). And the little one just wants lots of cuddle time... which I am more than happy to oblige since she is my baby, after all.

So, yes, life has taken over. BUT... these days, I am slowly feeling more room to breathe. Feeling like, "I got this." I am figuring life out. It has only taken 40 years, but I am getting there.

It takes prioritizing. I have spent years trying to figure this out. Trying to do everything for everyone, be everything. But, now I know I can't. Nor do I need to. I don't need to be a great friend to people that are not great friends to me. I do not need to volunteer for organizations that are not truly fulfilling my expectations of what they should be doing for our community. I do not need to work in a job just to get a paycheck, yet come home feeling drained and disgruntled.

And, in letting these counteractive forces go, I have freed up some time. I have devoted more time to me. And not that "me" is always a single endeavor. "Me" might mean investing time in friendships with people who are wonderful and amazing. "Me" could mean creating a childhood full of cherished memories for my children. "Me" could mean striving to grow into the most fantastic girlfriend who ever existed.

"Me" is what I am doing to make my life spectacular. Of course, that could also mean sipping a coffee on my sun porch while the suns rays pour in on me.

And, maybe, just possibly, "me" time will be keeping up on my more creative side via some random blog posts. Or showcasing my adorable new home... or luscious veggie garden...
But don't hold your breath.