Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Acadia Skye: #5

This is my baby:

Today she turns 5-years-old. Wow... does time certainly fly. It seems like just yesterday she was snuggling on my chest as I was relishing the moments of her quiet breathing and sweet scent.

And, now... she starts kindergarten in a few short weeks. The days of her and I spending endless hours side by side have come to an end. She will join her sisters on a journey of independence and self discovery. 

She still kisses me all the time and can still fit in my lap to cuddle. She still sleeps in my bed as I rub her back to sleep each night.

But I know that I need to appreciate each and every one of these moments as she is growing up. All too soon, I will be helping her get her prom dress on, giving her advice on her wedding day and watching her carry her own children.

But, for now though, she is still my baby girl. And I love her to the moon and back.