Thursday, June 27, 2013

5 Things Friday: Do it for the children.

1. I am making this for the girls' rooms. I wanted a banner, but one we can change up will work so much better for their changing tastes.

2. I have a bag packed by the front door just for those little summer outings. Great way to save time and get outta the house quickly.

3. I printed a bunch of these and put them in our car activity bag... the girls will definitely pass a few minutes creating these faces.

4. I am going to the dollar store for pool noodles tomorrow! So many cool ideas... and cheap!

5. I am putting these binders together ASAP! We often make day trips to Maine, Vermont, Mass... and I need all the travel entertainment I can get for this restless bunch.

(I have some other great travel ideas here too!)

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