Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You're doing it wrong.

Does anyone else hate the parent drop-off or pick-up line more than I do? Seriously, I can breathe myself through most any daily inconveniences: long lines at a grocery store, rude comments from coworkers, gum stuck to my shoe... whatever. But, somehow, the parent pick-up line is a curse in my day that will someday drive me over the edge.

Do you remember this scene from Mr. Mom? I don't think it meant much to me as a child who grew up in a rural area where people take buses to school. But now? Now that I live in the suburbs where every god forsaken helicopter parent feels the need to supervise their child at every moment of every day... this scene rings so very true.

Thank all-that-is-holy I only have to pick Annika up once per week to ensure a timely delivery to gymnastics... because once a week is more than enough. After waiting the 30 minutes parked in line with a 4 year-old who is predictably tired/hungry/thirsty... after her full day of daycare to get the once over from the duty teacher (thankfully some  strategically placed tattoos covering my right arm allow me to skip the ID check in the spring and fall) and then she will let the child into my car. The child who inevitably ask, "Mom, why can't you get here sooner???"

To which I have to reply I got here 30 minutes before the school even let out, yet I am STILL 40th in line! I swear these parents drop the kids off at the front in the morning and then circle around the back to start waiting for the pick-up.

Seriously, go back and watch Mr. Mom now... it has taken on a whole new meaning now that I am the parent.


  1. YES. My mother in law usually picks up my 5 year old kindergartener. I ran into a problem almost as soon as I did the pick up for the first time. I would get out of the car and go and buckle my daughter in. A huge no-no. Apparently my daughter needs to learn independence and do it herself. While I agree, she is still in britax car seat and can't put the seat belt on. I was scolded on numerous occasions about this until finally I figured out that if I park and walk up, nobody yells at me, no stress, it works. I wish I'd known that before.

    1. Ha, we are not even allowed to park and walk up... it is a very regimented traffic circle and there is no varying!