Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Simple Mommy Jewelry

It's my birthday in a few weeks and I got the annual message from my mom, "Please tell me what to get you. You are so hard to buy for." I do recognize I might be harder to buy for than others since I am so vocal about living simply and minimally. And my mother is really good about going for the experience gifts... or my personal favorite, a new tattoo.

But this year, I do want something... tangible. I want a mother necklace of some sort. You know... something like this:

Bwahaha... I kid. But seriously, I have avoided mothers jewelry simply because so much of it is really tacky. And I need simple... very simple. I never wear jewelry. I usually have on one ring and the same diamond earrings I put in my ears 7 years ago when my mother gave them to me for my 30th birthday. But I would love to honor my daughters with a pretty piece of bling.

And so I turned to my favorite jewelry store... Etsy, and started shopping. Unfortunately, there were hundreds of thousands of pieces listed under "Mother". (And a lot of those were still tacky too!) But I think I  may have narrowed it down.

This one is pretty much as simple as it gets.

I really like the symbolism of the bird here... but not sure about only initials as opposed to the girls' names.

I think the pea pod is super cute, but I would change this font... why, oh why, do people ever use all caps???

For this one, I could have the smaller circle say "My loves." and then all 3 names in the larger circle?

Pretty much as simple as a mothers necklace could come.

And this one offers the symbolism of the bird along with all names spelled out. 

Sooo, what do you think? I could really use help deciding... it literally took me hours just to narrow the field this far!


  1. Michele...my mommy necklace is from Stella and Dot. Very similar to the 3rd photo in your blog, but substitute the bird with a pretty brushed silver feather. I simply used the letter "J" to represent both of my kids. Although the letter "A" on your chest might mean something a bit different. For you, my dear..I like the last one.

  2. This is the one I have, I LOVE it!


  3. An acquaintance of mine from in town here is on Etsy and I think she'll have some things you like. Here is her shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/KittyStoykovich


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  6. How do I order one of the Mom necklaces???