Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Favorite Photo Printing App

Sooo, on a lighter note....

I love my iPhonography. I take dozens of photos every day. Mostly children... lots of scenery... funny things that strike my momentary fancy.

And although a lof of my friends and family either follow me on Instagram or see the corresponding posts on Facebook, I still love to find ways to display my photos in my home. Oddly, as popular as square photos are, a lot of the photo printing services do not offer square prints! It's so freaking frustrating.

And so I have discovered my new favorite app on my iPhone: FreePrints by Photo (Just search FreePrints and it should pop right up.)

This app allows me to upload right from my phone, or from other sources like Picasa, Facebook, Flickr or Instagram. And they offer square prints! 5"x5" glossy prints for 49¢. I wish there were a matte option but the quality is great.

Another bonus? They offer you up to 85 free 4x6 prints per month! For real. All you pay is shipping. Of course you can order anything else from 8x10 up to 20"x30" as well, but I have not seen the quality of those photos.

And then I can either display them in my photo frame that I created, or on my new metal sculpture that I got for a steal at TJ Maxx. The photos are simply hung with small magnets so that I can switch them out whenever I feel like new scenery. 

It really is a great app for you Instagram enthusiasts. Do you have a photo printing app that you prefer?