Monday, September 17, 2012

Mommy and Me Monday: Adventures with my little ladies.

We are entering many new frontiers in our family. One is that I am going back to work 24 hours per week... at least 3 full days away from my girls. Ariana is trucking along in middle school, Annika is at school full day now in first grade and Acadia is going to an in-home day care while I work... so much transition.

But, through these changes, I am still dedicated to being a great mother and nurturing my girls in the best ways possible. I know that I can be away from home for work and still spend wonderful, meaningful time with my young ladies.

Just yesterday, I worked from 6am to 2pm (yes, I was at work at 6am on a Sunday morning... YUCK!) I then ran home, packed a quick backpack, grabbed the girls and headed for a quick hike.

The girls loved it. It was a gorgeous afternoon, fun with friends and they did not want to come back off the mountain. I mean, would you, with views like these???

On Saturday we used a great experience gift from Auntie and Uncle to go to Story Land- which, of course, is pretty much the best way a child can think of to spend a day.

And, on the days I am not working, I have been concentrating on spending moments with my 4-year-old. She starts kindergarten next year, so we need to squeeze in all the Mommy and Me time we can! We like to hike around our community, play by the river, go to the park... our fun is pretty wide open to  our imagination.

You might notice one young lady missing conspicuously from these photos. Sadly, at 12-years-old, Ariana is off doing her own thing more and more often now. I asked her to accompany me on yesterdays hike, and she politely declined, "No thank you." Awwww. Even more reason for me to soak up all of the moments I can with the other two... I never know when they might say, "No thank you, Mom."
And, although I am not in this photo, I just need to include a picture of Ariana (this is one of her own adventures, at camp with her best friend driving a boat and enjoying her own moments in her new chapter of tween life.)

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