Thursday, August 9, 2012

30 Simple Tips to Live Simply: #2

Catch up to my Simple Tips to Living Simply introduction here.

And now, tip #2:

Vehicle Declutter
Get up, get a grocery bag, go out to your car and remove five things. I say grab the grocery bag because if your car is anything like mine with 3 kids, your five things will definitely be plain old trash. 

How do you feel after that couple of times per year when you have cleaned out your car? I am betting you breathe a huge sigh of relief when you open the door to a clutter free vehicle. And it is fairly easy to keep some semblance of order with 2 tricks: 

#1 Keep a trash bag in the car! There are super cute ones on Etsy or they can be purchased at any department store and can be hung nearly anywhere in the car, accessible to all people in the car. This keeps a lot of clutter and trash at bay.
#2 Every single time you exit the car, bring at least one thing in with you and ask all passengers to do the same. This will eliminate a lot of stuff being left behind and piling up in the vehicle where you end up with an overwhelming mess.

Next step? Go for the gusto and completely clean your car. Trunk, glove compartment (does anyone keep gloves in there???), vacuum... etc.

Go ahead... what are you waiting for???? Here is what I came up with:  
A bag of random stuffed animals, a few books... and that butterfly bag is my actual trash bag that I brought in to be emptied. 


  1. I decided that from now on we completely empty the car upon exiting. Trips will likely be the exception, but I am happy to report that this week we have been hauling everything inside. How do small beings create so much clutter anyway??

  2. Today, my husband told me my car is disgusting and I need to do something about it. I think I'll do this tip tomorrow!

  3. just cleaned the car out last week as it was um, wanting... to say the least. I'm glad to hear you are free wheeling through your summer too and enjoying every second. I'm off to NOT DUST.