Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Project 10: Adjusting my exercise definition.

Time again for my Project 10 update. I my biggest commitment in Project 10 was to work out... a LOT! Like 6 days per week. Unfortunately, I made that commitment before the girls summer vacation started. Little did I know how wonderful the weather would be this summer and how busy we would be. It has really put a damper on me getting to the studio for organized workouts... as in working out about once per week at the studio. Boo. 

But I have still committed to getting exercise in different ways while I am out enjoying my vacation with my daughters. 

With all this sun, we have spent a LOT of time in the water. We are very lucky to live by at least 2 rivers (photo 12). We can take a short hike and be down to a sandy beach on the river within a couple of minutes. While here, we can obviously swim for exercise, play a game of catch, frisbee... but mostly I make the girls take a hike down the river bank with me. They love it as they feel like it's an adventure, and the uneven terrain makes for great exercise for me.

We also have spent many days at the ocean. Oddly enough, we have not really been to any NH beaches, we prefer the beaches in Maine. And the rocky coast there provides some great exercise as we climb around on the rocky shores. (photo #8)

I have made a conscious effort to fit in walks if I know I can't make it to a class that day. I will stop somewhere... anywhere... on my way to work or home from work or to the grocery store and just simply walk for half an hour. I choose serene setting so I can also decompress from the craziness that is having 3 or more children with me all day EVERY day of this summer break! I have been taking photos during my walks to document some of the beauty that surrounds me (photos 1 and 6).

We are also very lucky to live where we can get to a plethora of lakes within minutes. Again, we hike around the lake, or play some water sports or swim to get in some exercise (photo 10).

I am blessed to live in a community where there are at least 6 public pools to choose from at all times. Swimming at the pool is great exercise as Acadia is a little dare devil and I have to constantly swim around to catch her as she dives in over her head (photos 2 & 9).

Speaking of the public pools, our parks and recreations system is amazing (photo 7). We can go to 6 or 7 parks where there are hiking trails, ponds to walk around and feed the ducks, basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields... we can go for hours and never bore of the activities.

Hiking in NH is always a great way to exercise (photos 3 & 11) We have the White Mountains for some serious trails... or smaller mountains scattered about the state where the girls can go with me. We have a great little trail right here in Concord that is 2.5 miles round trip and all 3 girls were able to make it up and back unassisted! (Yes, even the 3-year-old hiked up a 1.25 mile hike with no problem.)

Hula hooping is a portable exercise for me (photo 4). Wherever we go on adventures, I can bring a hoop and have instantaneous exercise. Perfect.

And, last, I have been trying to get out and volunteer in activities to keep me moving. Recently, we had a new music festival here in town that I volunteered at. This keep me on my feet for at least 8 hours over 2 days running around a park (see photo 5- that is Chris Robinson... he played there and I was close enough to him to reach over and touch him... but I didn't... I refrained... unfortunately!) I am volunteering this week at our Market Days, which again will keep me on my feet and moving around!

And this is how i am adjusting my definition of exercise until our summer slows down a bit... keeping active... all the while playing with my girls.


  1. It sounds like you're finding fun ways to fit in exercise! I love that. I'm finding it challenging to fit in as well, and will use your post as motivation :)

  2. Fitting exercise in through daily life is so great. I try to find ways to do that every day, but with a desk job it is a little more difficult. But your pictures? They look AMAZING!! :)

  3. Staying active all summer is awesome. It is nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors and you have so many amazing places around you!!

  4. New England is so beautiful, isn't it? Not only are you spending quality time with your family, you're getting exercise and getting to enjoy such beautiful scenery! I can smell the fresh air just looking at your pictures. I keep saying I need to buy a hula hoop and a jump rope. That's the type of exercise I can get into!

  5. Your pictures make me want to grab my camera, hiking shoes, and my family and head out on a trail! We haven't done enough hiking this summer. We've been too busy doing organized activities but that will change in August, hopefully. I love how you are redefining what is exercise. And even more important - you are creating wonderful memories with your girls while modeling an active lifestyle for them!

  6. Your pictures (as always) are fantastic!! I love this idea of getting in exercise as a part of fun daily summer life - it doesn't have to be a regiment of gym equipment and aerobics classes!!