Friday, June 15, 2012

Tattooed Momma Update

It has been awhile since I have given you a tattoo momma update. And since I did get a new tattoo a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was time. (And, also, I promised my favorite tattoo artist that I would share a tidbit of advice.)

When I started this sleeve project a couple of years back, I wanted the "live simply" on my wrist and then simple butterflies around it. Doug (said amazing tattoo artist) was not a fan of the simple butterfly outlines I wanted- he wanted more detail and for me to go bigger- he warned me that I would be back to change it.

...and, of course, because he is an amazing artist who knows his stuff... he was right. I went back and asked for more detail on the butterflies....

(red is sharpie- not tattoo!)

But after he did such amazing work and detail on my upper arm:

The wrist just did not seem to match. And so I sheepishly begged him to just cover the original butterflies with a bigger, better, more detailed version:

And of course, it is amazing and I LOVE it! He added detail to one small butterfly and completely covered the other two.

But, in the midst of a tattoo, I promised that I would tell everyone I know that you should listen to your tattoo artist. If you choose an artist wisely, they will know what they are doing and work with you to create something that is just perfect for you.

The artiste himself as work:

Yes, I love him. He rocks.


  1. I hate the one on my back and have been thinking of how to "fix" it for years. Maybe I need to take a trip up your way!

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