Thursday, June 7, 2012

Project 10

So, after my rant on fitness last Thursday, I have found a bandwagon that I can really get behind. I have decided to join some great ladies on their journey with Project 10.  This is simply a 10 week journey to fitness. The host, Stephanie describes it like this:

Each Wednesday morning I will publish a link-up post. Participants will share 1-3 posts they've written the previous week pertaining to weight loss or fitness. We will share our: successes and struggles, favorite recipes, favorite apps and websites for fitness/nutrition/recipes, exercise routines and products, and, of course, our before/after photos.

It's easy peasy and a great way for me to set a goal and be held accountable. So here goes... my before photo:

Now, as far as my goals. I do not need to lose any weight. I am well within the healthy range for a 5'9" woman. But I would LOVE to rearrange my weight. When you are young, you just think pregnancy will make you fat- nobody prepares you for the worse fate... your body simply changes. Weight can be lost- but i fear some of these changes will never be reversed. My boobs for instance, I spent 24 years as a AA cup.... VERY small. And then after baby #1, they were left a bit bigger (Yay). And then after baby #2, I lost them again (damn it!) and then after baby #3, they have reappeared (this change I would like to keep!) But there are other changes (like my belly) that can go!

Anyhow, my goals... I need to be able to put my wedding rings back on! I wore my rings at the same size for 9 years... and then this year... I think they shrunk. But I really want to wear them again without having to resize them.

I will not be taking my measurements nor posting them. That is just dangerous for me. I do not want to obsess and I do not want my daughters to see me obsessing. But I will know I am where I want to be when I get those damn rings on!

My next goal is to be fit enough to hike Mt. Washington in a few weeks with my hubby for our 10 year anniversary. I have not hiked something that strenuous in years!  Yikes!

To achieve these goals for me can mean only one thing- working out. I already eat healthy and do not care to give up any small treats (it's summer, hello ice cream!), but I can find time to work out at least 6 days a week. For me that will be Zumba twice and circuit training 4 times. I also may sub Wii Fit or hula hooping when I want to get my girls involved. I think exercising 6 times per week is completely doable. I just need to get off my lazy bum and do it. If I can't make it to the fitness studio, then I will make the time at home with my girls. They love to exercise with me, so I really have no excuse.

A couple small changes I need to make as well is drink way more water and less beer. It's that damn high-calorie (but oh so yummy) dark beer I drink that has shrunk that wedding ring of mine. And I know I need more water, it's just a habit I need to get into... ASAP.

So, here I go. You get to hear about this for the next 10 weeks. If you want some inspiration, go visit the other Mommas on their journey. I have a feeling the more people watching us, the more accountable we will be.


  1. Welcome to Project 10!! I love your goals! I purposefully set up Project 10 to focus on fitness and weight loss because I know not all mamas need to lose weight. But most of us can use a little inspiration to make exercise a regular part of our lives. I'm glad you've jumped on our band wagon!! :)

  2. YAY!! I am so glad you are joining us!! I am thrilled with this group that Stephanie set up - that our focus is on support and fitness - not just getting skinny!!!

  3. Awesome entry! Sorry it took me so long to come read and comment. Welcome to Project 10, I'm looking forward to losing weight/getting healthy with everyone :) (I had to get my wedding rings resized after my first pregnancy. It was a bummer. I'm hoping for the day when they are too lose!)

  4. Welcome to the group! I would lik eot rearrange my weight too! I am only 4 pounds away from when I was in the nbest shape ever but am a totally different shape! LOL