Monday, April 2, 2012

Menu Monday: Going Vegetarian

A couple of weeks ago, my husband announced that he wanted to try vegetarian eating. (Although he has settled on pesco-lacto-ovo vegetarian as he still wants dairy, eggs and fish. Which is good because preparing a total vegetarian meal for my 3 kids could be nearly impossible.)

So this is week 3, and I will be making a few dishes that we have already tried and that the family liked.

Monday: Corned beef and potatoes. (Ummmm, that's is not vegetarian, you say. I know, but I had bought that corned beef for St. Patty's day before he made that decision and I can't waste it... so he can either join the rest of the family and eat it or fill up on potatoes.)

Tuesday: Black bean and corn Quesadillas (quick and easy as it's Annika's first evening of softball practice!)

Wednesday: Vegetarian Lentil Shepherds Pie (This is one we have already tried and everybody really liked it.) I will share my own recipe and variations from this recipe this week.

Thursday: Tuna Noodle Casserole (I have no recipe, I throw some tuna, egg noodles and other goodies together and it usually goes over well.)

Friday: Leftovers as we have Family Fun Night at school.

Do you have any vegetarian recipes you could share with my family???

*(Although the photo in this post is not on our menu this week, I just had to share.... it was a vegetarian chili that turned out sooo yummy! I did let it simmer for many hours to let the flavor incorporate, but pretty much followed the recipe otherwise.)


  1. I have a great veggie lasagna recipe I'll see if I can dig up in emailable format. Another thing that we love is scrambled eggs in spaghetti sauce instead of meat. You can use it on noodles or in things like lasagna and eggplant parm!


    oh, and this!

  3. We are "making veggies the star of the show" once a week in our home.

    Brody continually asks for the green lasagna (spinach lasagna) from skinny taste. We use cottage cheese instead of ricotta.

    Also, I made a hearty broccoli soup (you know... thick so the kids can eat it and not get it everywhere) that went over very well. The kids actually used crackers to "dip" into their soup like it was a dip. They loved it. So, hubby and I eat hearty broc soup and the kids eat broc "dip" for dinner.

  4. I have started subbing out meat for things like lentils, but we are a far cry from going vegetarian. I think we are going to aim for 2-3 meals a week to be meat free. Let me know if you find and good recipes and I will too!

  5. I've been a vegetarian since birth, it's great to hear other people are trying it out too, even for only a few meals a week makes a difference. Can't wait to read your shepherds pie recipe!