Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let's have a little compassion.

I know it is Valentines Day and you are expecting some lovey-dovey post. But I have something on my mind that I'd rather talk about. Although this will definitely rub some people the wrong way, just like when I write about politics or religion... but it is my blog and I'd like to get it off my chest:

Let's discuss Whitney Houston or, more specifically, Whitney Houstons death. I was on Facebook Saturday night at 8pm when at least a dozen people posted that she died. How sad. A mother, an amazing talent, an ever-giving philanthropist and a very unnecessary end.

I think I posted a simple, "How sad." on my Facebook, as did many others. And within minutes, I knew it would begin... the inevitable tirade, "Why is it sad that Whitney Houston died. How about firemen/police/military (whatever said writer has allegiance to) that die every day?"

How about you let me express a feeling of loss for this mother... for her children... for her friends... for her family? Why do people come out of the woodwork every single time a celebrity dies and disrespect their memory in order to hold anothers death in a higher regard?

Why can't it be sad when any life is lost? My father died of self-inflicted lung cancer. When I announced his death would it have been appropriate for someone to follow it up with, "Well, he smoked himself into the ground, let's instead focus on someone who died in the military."

Yet, that is exactly what happened when Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and Whitney passed. A friend of mine posted on his wall... "Why is it sad that a crackhead like Whitney died? How about the firemen and police men who give their lives every day?" I simply replied to him, "I think it is sad when any life is lost."

How is my expressing a sadness for the death of a fellow human somehow demeaning the memory of a death of any other person?

Just think a little bit before you throw crap like that out there in cyberspace. All lives should be valued, and every life lost is very painful for someone. Demeaning that person, their life and their legacy after they die is just not necessary.

You have the same outlet where you are spewing venom against the deceased where you can honor a fireman/ policeman/ member of the military every time they pass and I promise I will not attack you for showing your respect.


  1. WAY TO GO!!! Yes!!! I totally agree. I was shocked at the negative feedback... shocked.

    I realize that she did this to herself... but it is so very sad that a person who had the world at her fingertips... so much talent... had to die like this... at such a young age. It is sad... and that is NOT to take away from other tragedies of life.

    Very well said.

  2. I agree. Why do people have to jump on their soap box about those things? My own SIL posted somethign like that (she's in the military). Don't be negative. If you have nothing nice to say, then zip your lips! :)

  3. Agreed. Just because you are sad about the tragic, untimely death of Whitney Houston does not mean you disrespect the military and those that give their lives fighting for us. Both, very sad indeed.

  4. Thank you for posting this--you are exactly right! I don't know why people feel the need to be negative about others who have made mistakes--may he without sin be the first to throw a stone...

  5. Very well said. Regardless of how she passed, her daughter is still left without a mother.

  6. Exactly! What pisses me off the most about these posts is how horribly degrading it is to anyone who suffers with an addiction. Way to contribute to the stigma that leads people to hide their afflictions instead of facing them and getting treatment! UGH.

  7. you read my mind .... great words michele ...

  8. I completely agree. I also think this lack of compassion, the entitlement....is a large part of what is "wrong" with our society these days. Everyone is in it for themselves, and there is no compassion to be had for anyone. Another peeve of mine related to this is one news stories when people lament having to pay for someone's incarceration with their taxes. Be happy justice was served, or shall we just implement the death penalty for everyone? I have been very sad about Whitney Houston's death. She was a beautiful, talented person, it's so sad that so many self-destruct this way.

  9. Your post really got me thinking - I'm glad you ranted! Here's what I wrote
    I apreciate your candor, your perspective and your call to think about it.