Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let's have a little compassion.

I know it is Valentines Day and you are expecting some lovey-dovey post. But I have something on my mind that I'd rather talk about. Although this will definitely rub some people the wrong way, just like when I write about politics or religion... but it is my blog and I'd like to get it off my chest:

Let's discuss Whitney Houston or, more specifically, Whitney Houstons death. I was on Facebook Saturday night at 8pm when at least a dozen people posted that she died. How sad. A mother, an amazing talent, an ever-giving philanthropist and a very unnecessary end.

I think I posted a simple, "How sad." on my Facebook, as did many others. And within minutes, I knew it would begin... the inevitable tirade, "Why is it sad that Whitney Houston died. How about firemen/police/military (whatever said writer has allegiance to) that die every day?"

How about you let me express a feeling of loss for this mother... for her children... for her friends... for her family? Why do people come out of the woodwork every single time a celebrity dies and disrespect their memory in order to hold anothers death in a higher regard?

Why can't it be sad when any life is lost? My father died of self-inflicted lung cancer. When I announced his death would it have been appropriate for someone to follow it up with, "Well, he smoked himself into the ground, let's instead focus on someone who died in the military."

Yet, that is exactly what happened when Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and Whitney passed. A friend of mine posted on his wall... "Why is it sad that a crackhead like Whitney died? How about the firemen and police men who give their lives every day?" I simply replied to him, "I think it is sad when any life is lost."

How is my expressing a sadness for the death of a fellow human somehow demeaning the memory of a death of any other person?

Just think a little bit before you throw crap like that out there in cyberspace. All lives should be valued, and every life lost is very painful for someone. Demeaning that person, their life and their legacy after they die is just not necessary.

You have the same outlet where you are spewing venom against the deceased where you can honor a fireman/ policeman/ member of the military every time they pass and I promise I will not attack you for showing your respect.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Bad and the Ugly.

Whoops, forgot all about this... I bet you were waiting with baited breath to find out the bad and the UGLY about my hubby, huh? First off, the bad...

See that moustache... pretty bad, eh? Ok, that's not really the 'bad' (I mean it is bad in all possibly ways, but he only had it for Movember and it is now gone... thank my lucky stars!)

Now the real 'bad'...

Colb sat down one evening in front of the television, "Where is the remote?"
"I have no idea."
"How did you change the channels?"
"I walked over to the TV and pressed the 'Channel' buttons."
"Seriously, Colb? The tv is 5 feet away."
"But I have to go through ALL the channels to pick what I want."
"Really, all SIX of them?" (No cable literally gives us about 6 channels on our tv)

I watched him quietly as he moved his head from one side to the other... he was not willing to actually move his body to search for this remote any more than he was willing to stand and press a button on the tv.

I went to up to bed where he uncharacteristically quickly joined me, obviously devasted by this whole remote debacle.

As I descended the stairs the next morning, I discovered the tv WAS STILL ON! He could not even turn it off as he walked right by it when he exited the living room!

True story.


And the ugly:

I crossed Colby's path one morning as he was leaving for work. I looked curiously at each of the girls as I sniffed near them... "What is THAT smell?"
"What smell?" Colb asked.
"It smells like...." I walked closer to Colb... "Oh my God. You are not wearing..."
"My SENSUAL lotion!"

It is my favorite lotion... and it is quite sensual. I do not wear it to work or to basketball practice... "Inspires heightened sensuality..."

"My skin was super dry. I needed moisturizer."
"Sooo, do you plan on going to work smelling like that?"
"Well, I can't very well wash it off now."


Imagine when Colby walks up to some poor unsuspected coworker who smells my lotion that "puts love in the air" only to turn around and see... my HUSBAND!

Now that will be ugly.