Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Skinny Girl: The Adventure Begins

Ok, I talked about my new found beer belly and my need to get rid of it. Let's be clear, I really do not need to lose weight, ideally it could be redistributed from my belly upwards to other areas. But, until I find a way to do that, I do need to work on getting back in shape and being healthy and keeping my family healthy.

And it all starts Monday. I have the opportunity to try a pretty regimented detox with a bunch of motivated ladies. The detox products come from Arbonne, which is a company I really trust and by joining some other women to do it as I group, I will be more motivated to continue.

Basically, this detox will be one month of vegan (no meat or DAIRY), no gluten, no alcohol, no caffeine... basically nothing yummy. I am choosing to do this because I know that it takes a month to make a new habit and I really wanted to cut back on my high sugar, high caloric beer and my coffee (with lots of yummy creamers) addictions.

I started 2 weeks ago on a 'soft' detox to prepare myself as I know that when I cut out caffeine and sugars, etc. instantly, I get headaches and nausea. So, I slowly cut back to only a couple of yummy beers over the past 2 weekends, only 1 cup of coffee a day, no meat and very limited dairy and eggs.

What I have learned over the past 2 weeks of my soft detox? I could never be vegan. I LOVE my eggs... butter, cheese, yogurt, milk... did I mention butter... and cheese. I will go right back to these things after my detox. BUT, I can learn new ways to prepare foods so that I am eating more veggies, whole grains and healthful foods and craving less fatty butter, cheese and sugary foods.

I will not be sharing my step-by-step detox, but I will share some healthy recipes that I come across along with any other great tips I learn.

So, wish me luck... this is going to be a LONNNGGGG month.


  1. Wow. That's a lot of things to cut out. Good luck!

  2. First of all.... What kind of month?

    That being said...

    I trust that you're still in shock of the evolution of my diet/general health. But you'd be blown away if you knew the extent of it. I eat little/zero sugar, zero soda, rarely add cheese to anything besides tacos, drink skim milk, eat Post shredded wheat (no added salt or sugar i.e. no frosting), no chips, no junk.

    I make two sandwiches for my lunch, turkey on whole wheat bread. No mayo, no ranch, no cheese. My lunch usualy includes two natural granola bars and a ton of fruits/veggies. I take oatmeal with me in the morning to eat on the ride. I drink my coffee black. I rarely use butter. We use ground turkey almost exclusively in place of beef.

    I drink a protein shake every day.

    My weak spot is beer. But my work/excerise schedule generally limit my beer intake to a couple a day.

    Here's the moral. I don't miss all the other stuff much. Once in a while my sweet-tooth cries. But I now would prefer an orange to a bag of gummy bears. My taste buds and general cravings are for better things. I no longer sacrifice all the things I gave up, I truely prefer the healthier foods. The thought of eating a big ol' fast food burger really disgusts me and I'd be more likely to go hungry. Not only will you get used to the changes, you may not fall back into things as easily as you think.