Monday, January 2, 2012

A handmade, homemade, locally purchased Christmas.

Our Christmas gift giving went exactly as I had wanted it: mostly handmade, homemade, locally purchased or experience gifts.

Our experience gifts ranged from comedy show tickets to movie theater passes to season passes for the local water park (thanks, Grammy!). We also got rock climbing lessons, a night of sushi and passes to Storyland.

I was able to purchase a lot of items handmade right from Etsy... and they loved everything. From Acadia's Supergirl cape:

To Annika's large array of Barbie clothes: 

These Barbie clothes were so nicely made, and for $4 per outfit, way better than any crappy polyester Barbie clothes from a box store. This lady also makes Lalaloopsy clothes, which I will definitely be getting for Acadia's new doll.

Annika's has also been asking for jewelry recently, but I am reticent to pay any real money for something she will absolutely lose in days... so I did get her some cute jewelry inexpensive and handmade on Etsy:

I also stocked up on quite a few items for Acadia's busy bag (I also made a busy bag for my twin niece and nephew) First was a great chalk mat that rolls up to fit nicely in the busy bag:

and some great finger puppets:

My mother was also thoughtful and got me some great handmade items. She got me soaps handmade in Maine from Holy Farms and a great soy candle from the Primitive Keeper:

Don't you love the jar??? So fun and fits well in my old schoolhouse. The cinnamon bun scent that I got smells sooo yummy!

So, did you get anything wonderful that you'd like to share???


  1. Great idea. We are thinking about only doing "experience" gifts for birthdays in my house.

    My fave gift that I got was a mixer for the counter. I do lots of baking and will get lots of use from the gift.

    I made some ornaments for gifts and they were very well received.

  2. Love the Barbie clothes. I remember when my mom use to make all of my Barbie clothes for me, that would have been a long, long time ago. She even had a friend knit some items. I still have all of them packed away. She made my Barbie a wedding dress make from the scraps of my aunt's wedding dress.