Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A New Hampshire Christmas Experience: The Gift of Lights

A few weeks ago, our whole family was able to go view a new New Hampshire attraction: The Gift of Lights at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

It is quite a spectacle: more than one million LED Christmas lights creating hundreds of displays that you can drive right through!

It was such a great way for us to kick off our holiday season... I mean who doesn't love going out for a ride to take in Christmas lights. And, here, you get to see a million all at once. (One thing I did miss was snow... I love the look of Christmas lights glistening off the white snow. And here we are on December 6, in New Hampshire, with NO snow!)

All three of my girls loved it. We drove up in our new minivan (woohoo- new minivan mom coming through!) and took a leisurely drive around the speedway. The girls were excitedly looking from one window to the next, pointing out each scene that they saw. "Look! Dolphins! Look! A flag! Look! The Statue of Liberty!"

I think it took about 15 minutes to drive through. To add to the experience, they have a radio station you can tune to that is playing Christmas music. At the end, you can park and go into "Santa's Village" where there is hot cocoa and you can get your photo taken with Santa.

(Excuse the cell phone pic... I brought THREE cameras on our outing. One did not have a memory card, one had a dead battery, and one inexplicably had a macro lens on it!)

I think the cost of $15 per car is such a great deal for a family outing. For us, that breaks down to $3 per person and there is nothing we can do as a family that is that inexpensive. You can also save $2 off your ticket by bringing 3 canned goods to donate to the NH Food bank. (Do make sure to bring cash, if you do not buy tickets online, they only accept cash at the gate.)

The Gift of lights will be at the speedway until January 1st. Like them on Facebook to see what other people are saying and maybe win a ticket.

Do you have any other great Christmas activities you know of around the granite state?

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  1. We did the Gift of Lights as well this year..... I have 3 kiddos and it was a blast!