Monday, October 31, 2011

What a difference a week makes (in photos)

{photos taken within the last couple of weeks- quickly moving from leaf-peeping and fun leaf pile jumping, to snow covered pumpkins and winter-geared little girls}

Wow, October has been crazy here in New England, to say the least.

We had Annika's birthday party on October 9. It was sunny and 80+ degrees... nearly setting records for October temperatures.

Cut to 3 weeks later and NH set all new records.... with snowfall! We had 22 inches at our house! TWENTY-TWO INCHES people! That is a crap load of snow, even here in NH. We still have a baby pool on the back deck filled with water from the earlier high temperatures.

Gahhh, as if my winter is not long enough. Now, my girls have to wear full on snow gear just to trick or treat tonight. Are you kidding me, weather Gods? What have I ever done to you?


  1. Yeah, we're down in Boston area and didn't get hit nearly as hard...but totally NOT ready for it to start doing this yet!!

  2. I feel for you. Bundle them kiddes up tight. Snow on Halloween is no fun.

  3. I hate how winter arrived so early. It puts me in a bad mood because I live for Fall every year. At least our snow over here has melted now...good thing.

  4. I'm already sick of Winter & it hasn't started yet.

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