Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Party Palace: A Princess Party for a Princess

Annika had her 6th birthday party on Sunday... and it was wonderful! We did something we have never done before: we utilized a real party planner/ party host.

Party Palace is a mom-run business right here in New Hampshire. Greta started Party Palace in 2001 after being told multiple times that the parties she threw for her own son were so amazing that she should make a business of it. And I, for one, am certainly glad that she did. Annika's party was a dream for a little girl and it went off without a hitch.

Greta arrived with Belle a bit before the party and set up a tattoo/ nail polish station and also a light make-up and glitter station:

The guests started to arrive shortly thereafter:

And Belle created necklaces with them all.

She then applied a touch of glitter to their hair:

After all of the princess were properly fancied, Belle danced with them:

Played a bit of limbo:

And then Princess Annika was coronated Princess of the Day:

And, even after all that excitement, Princess Belle was kind enough to sit for photos with all of the girls:

If you have never used a party host or planner before, PLEASE do! Party Palace made creating and hosting Annika's birthday party easy! I actually was able to enjoy some conversation with some of my friends while Greta and Belle amused the girls. They were both fantastic with the kids, making sure they were all at ease and having an absolute blast. You can simply have a character come visit for 1/2 hour or an hour  or have her host a full on tea-party! How much fun would that be for your little one???

Party Palace also offers many other themes: Spa Parties (Ariana is leaning towards this for her next birthday), Diva Parties, Egyptian Adventures and so much more.

Greta also offers parties you can rent and host yourself. For $12 per person, you can host your own Asian Tea Party, Princess Party and many more.  It's such a great deal and saves many resources by not going out to purchase all these items... reuse, reuse reuse!

Find her on Facebook to see all that she has to offer. She just might be letting me give a little something away really soon.... *hint*hint*!


  1. You seriously have the best birthday parties for your girls!! I'm sure they will never forget this one!


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