Monday, October 24, 2011

Mmmm, mustard.

As I have been skimming over my Pinterest boards, I have decided I am in love... with mustard. Not the edible kind (although I love me some sun-dried tomato mustard... YUM!) But I am referring to the color. More specifically in my wardrobe.

I just happen to have a gift card for Goodwill. And when I go tonight, I am going to do something I never do: try to find something specific. That is a task that can be overwhelming at Goodwill because there is SO much to look through, but if I can find a great piece of clothing or accessory for a dollar or two, it is totally worth it. And something in a mustard color seems to be just what I need for fall. A neutral color that can go with a lot of my clothing, yet bright enough to perk me up on a gloomy, cool day.

Perhaps I can find a sweater similar to this:

or a jacket like this:

Even a pair of tights to brighten up some of my dresses:

I have a few dark jackets and sweaters, so a scarf would be the perfect accessory:

Even a cute pair of ballet flats to peep out from under my many pairs of jeans:

At the very very least, I will find something, anything in a mustard fabric that I can deconstruct to make one of these:

Have you ever gone to a thrift shop will a specific item in mind? How did it go?

Wish me luck! I will let you know how it goes. 


  1. Yes - inspired by you actually. This past weekend I went to Savers in search of jeans. I found two pairs of like new jeans from Old Navy and Gap - both were under $7 (and I mean they were LIKE NEW) I don't know that I'm going to shop anywhere else very often any more!!

  2. I also love mustard-colored clothing...but my boyfriend is not a fan. Not that that stops me, but I've toned it down a bit--I tend to go overboard when I find something I love. I have gone to Goodwill in search of specific items--I don't think I've ever found what I'm looking for, but I usually find something better! Do you have a Salvation Army near you? Sometimes I have better luck there when looking for funky colors or more vintage pieces. Happy shopping!

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