Friday, October 21, 2011

Life Lessons For My Little Ladies

There are so many life lessons I need to share with my babies. Ideally, they are watching and learning. Ideally I am a role model and I won't need to tell them these things... they will just... know. But, just in case, I keep a running list of the important things in life... just for them...

• a book is always a perfect gift, from babies to adults

• don't be afraid to admit your wrong and say you're sorry

• go barefoot whenever possible

• wear fun colored socks or tights when it's not

• kiss your children at every opportunity you can- at one point they won't let you

• go to the park when the opportunity arises

• go to a farm and pick fresh fruit or vegetables at every season

• dance- alone, with your family, at an event... just dance

• keep my recipes (and both grandmothers') and pass them on and add your own

• volunteer... a lot

• get to know your neighbors, bring a pie or cookies

• your 'first love' will not be your only love

• watch a christmas story and the wizard of oz at least once a year

• accept compliments

• create something every day

• listen when others speak, you will learn something every time

• do not waste precious time fostering useless relationships because you feel obligated

• iron clothes that need it

• return your shopping cart- the exercise will do you good

• always be early

• jump in the leaf pile

• patronize the library... often

• don't ever ride in a car with someone who has been drinking

• learn how to drive standard, it will get you out of a bind someday

• practice random acts of kindness

• live alone at some point in your life

• nurture plants (either inside or outside)

• use a great vocabulary and know what the words mean

• never carry a credit card balance, ever

• live simply

• always practice outdoor activities: hike, ski, etc

• you don't need to know everything, but you need to know how to find the answers

• don't smoke cigarettes

• keep original artwork in your home, even if it created by friends or family

• write thank you notes

• keep snack food on hand to whip up for surprise guests

• keep a fire extinguisher on all levels of your house

• find a hair dresser you love and spend the money on a hair cut you love, you'll feel great

• always RSVP and do it in a timely manner

• read something every single day- newspaper, magazine, especially a book

• create a good sleep schedule and stick to it

• a hand crafted gift is always best

• decorate for holidays- all of them

• marry later in life, enjoy your youth

• always listen to music: in the car, house, headphones, to sleep

• try to find a home with a porch

• never ever wear nail polish unless you can guarantee it will be chip free. nothing looks worse than chipped nail polish

• you have limited time to clean. worry less about 'picking up' and more about 'clean'

• take care of your teeth

• when it comes to cheese, you get what you pay for, splurge once in awhile

• hug whenever possible

• always wear facial moisturizer and sunscreen

• keep some written history/journal/blog for your children

• sit down to a meal as often as possible

•call your mom- she will always be happy to hear your voice.

This list was originally posted as a guest post on a friends blog. She has since shut down her blog but I wanted to make sure my list lived on, so I am reprinting here.


  1. This is fabulous, thanks for posting!

  2. I shall stop by someday soon without notice to see if you have a snack on hand for me. :)