Thursday, October 20, 2011

I never...


Just for fun, I am linking to Mama Kat's blog and filling you in on 19 things I have never done by the age of 29 (ish) 

  • gotten a name tattoo (thank God!)

• gone to a blog conference (will change for BlogHer 2012! Thanks to my Momma and a great Christmas gift.)

• skydived (This will forever be on my 'never' list. I have no urge to ever purposely throw myself from an airplane... EVER!) 

• been arrested 

• been outside of the america 

• hiked everest (guess that's obvious if I never left the America's... duh...) 

• sang even one note in tune (no matter how hard I try!) 

• had a big ol' wedding 

• seen the movie Titanic 

• had a baby boy 

• done a proper split 

• had a piercing not above the neck 

• owned designer purse (again, this will forever be on the 'never' list.
I find designer purses utterly useless and self indulgent.) 

• got a college degree 

• been to vegas 

• exercised more than 30 days steadily 

• run in a marathon (I guess this will be pretty hard if I can never
train long enough to get in shape.)

• crocheted or knitted  (really really want to learn though) 

• been on ice skates or skis (have been on snowboards, snowshoes and sleds though...
can't live in NH and forgo all snow activities.)


  1. I have no desire to sky dive either. I'm you've not been on ice skates or ski's...I used to play hockey, lol. Haven't done either in about ten years though ;)

  2. I have bungee jumped 2 times and that was enough free falling for me! I'm so excited that we're all going to BlogHer next August!!!


    I wanted to skydive - then I had kids and realized that it just wasn't worth the risk!!

    (I was going to try this writing prompt too....but went for haiku's instead - my "nevers" kept going to bad places)

  4. Just catching up on my reader! I'm so going to do this!
    I have skydived, been arrested, been out of the US (but only as far as Mexico), and ice skated.

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