Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I have strayed.

I am sorry my wonderful blog. After 724 posts and nearly four years... I have strayed.

I cheated on you. It was with someone I have been enamored with for years. One of my biggest crushes in life: Goodwill.

So far I have written a fashion (I use that term quite loosely!) post. I revealed how I spent $12 to update my fall wardrobe. Yeah, I am sort of addicted to shopping there.

And then it happened again last week... I did it again. I wrote a post about our Goodwill Halloween costumes. 

And the thing is... I don't think I can stop. I am sorry, but you might have to share me.

But, hey, I am worth it.

Love, Michele


  1. Have you tried Savers? I know you are in NH, there is a Savers in Nashua. Pure awesomeness.

  2. You have inspired me!! I have my shopping trip to savers planned for tomorrow night, I am deteremined to start building my wardrobe thrift style!!