Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ringling Brother Circus is coming to town... and I have a coupon!

Annika is a lucky girl. Annika enjoys the circus and it just happens to come to town around her birthday every year. This year is no different. The Ringling Brothers circus will be here this weekend and I will be taking her along with a friend and her mom. I love to be able to surprise my girls with these experiences. When she walks up to the arena and sees that marquis... she is going to be so excited and happy. Excited and happy little girls make me an excited and happy Momma.

If you would care to join in the fun, Ringling is offering a coupon for a family four pack for only $60 (plus some rediculous taxes) for the Saturday evening show in Manchester. Go to the website, go to the Advance or Promotion Ticket Selection, change the quantity to 4 and then put BAILEY15 in the coupon box and you will receive this deal.

They are going to be in Manchester from Sept. 30- October 3. After that you can look for them in Worchester and then Boston.


  1. On a related must read Water For Elephants. It's a fantastic novel about the life and tragedy of the circus during prohibition times. Sounds boring, but it wasn't at all! I couldn't put it down.

  2. Ooh, have fun! I love the circus. Happy Birthday, Annika!

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