Friday, September 2, 2011

Photobombing in the Horne family album.

I think it is safe to say in any family... there is a partner who is the primary photo capturer... and then the the other partner who appears in all of the photos. In my family, I am the photog and my husband is included in any and all family photos... vacations, birthday parties, kindergarten graduations... etc., etc. And lord forbid I ask him to include me in any photos. He has the most uncanny ability to unfocus an auto focus camera.

But he did get one focused photo of me on our trip to Acadia National Park this summer...

Unfortunately, his finger slipped in front of the camera, so this one can't go on the mantle.

 He did want to make sure he got a nice photo of himself (as if we don't have a million and one already)...

but I decided I should be in at least one photo looking cute. Of course his eyes were closed, so this one is not mantle worthy either. Oh well. Halloween is coming up, maybe I can sneak into one of those photos.

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