Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday: 3 Generations

This is my Momma, Ariana and myself at the American Idol concert. This was one of those experience gifts that I always speak of: I got tickets for my mother for Mother's Day and for Ariana for her birthday... and it was worth every penny and more!

We had such a great time. Living hours from my mother, we don't often get to go out together and spend quality time. Life gets away from me and before I know it, it has been months since we have seen eachother... and it sucks.

So this outing was a real treat. My mother watches Idol and Ariana and I watch it together every season. We all gossip about who we like and we vote for our favorites... and Ariana occasionally sheds a tear when her favorites are voted off.

So, it was a great show that we could all enjoy together. We sang along, danced... and whenever James Durbin came out screeching Guns & Roses, Sweet Child O' Mine... and my mom and Ariana were dancing around... it was a moment none of us will ever forget. I don't think it is often you could get a grandmother, mother and daughter to have something in common that they all love and can enjoy together. But we did. And it makes me smile.

Thank you Ariana and Mom... you ladies gave me a wonderful night and I love you both to pieces.

(My mom asked a friend to take this picture with my cell phone (we both forgot our cameras... argggg) and I heard her say, "She is going to need this for her blog." She knows me too well!)

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  1. How cool! I love the idea of "experience gifts". May have to think some of those up for Christmas this year. : )

  2. It is awesome that you guys can have that time together!