Monday, September 12, 2011

Living our life simply... and loving it.

This is a sort of photo illustration of my recent post on affordable family fun... and a cell phone memory dump.

This is my last couple of weeks and all the fun that has ensued.

We have taken the girls to the movies thanks to a gift card from Grammie (so what if Acadia fell asleep 15 minutes into Winnie the Pooh. In her defense, it was not very enthralling.)

We have enjoyed some gorgeous days in the park. For the entry fee of... well free... what makes a little girl happier than being pushed on the swing.

I went to an American Idol concert with my mother and Ariana... which was an experience gift for Ariana's birthday and Mother's Day. And what an experience it was. Rockin' out with my mom and Ariana to Sweet Child O' Mine will be a memory we all cherish forever.

We enjoyed some free local events, one being a great Family Game Day put on by CenterPoint Church here in Concord.  They offer a great family day to the whole community complete with yummy treats, games, bouncy houses and even that great rock wall/ bungy structure you see Ariana flying on. Thanks to CenterPoint for being a generous member of our community.

We were also blessed with a fantastic weekend with my in-laws as we celebrated the twins (my niece and nephew) birthday up in Northern New Hampshire. There was a long, mellow morning with breakfast on the grill, fishing on the dock, and some boat rides. It was the epitome of relaxation and living simply.

We are ending our summer on a perfect note. Enjoying every moment, relishing every ray of sunshine.

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