Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I won’t let another moment slip away

Do you use music to affect your mood? After the mood caused by my last post, I felt compelled to overcome the sadness with some happy tunes.

I remember in my younger years using music in a much different way.  Whenever I was down (you know, when my boyfriend broke up with me for the 12th time when I was 15) I had a cassette of very downtrodden music that I would listen to. I guess I wanted to wallow in my agony? Why do people do that? Now, if I am feeling down, I pull out my most uplifting, upbeat music and crank it up. This week, Michael Franti was my savior:

My favorite lyrics from the song remind me to live in the moment... not to dwell:
Singing hey, hey, hey
No matter how life is today
There’s just one thing that I got to say
I won’t let another moment slip away

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