Thursday, September 22, 2011

5 Of My Favorite Blogging Tips.

I love to reply when people comment on my blog. Love it. Love to connect with the people that take the time to connect with me.  So, why oh why do you torture me so by not having your email address linked to your blogger profile??? This means I can not easily respond to you when I get that nifty email telling me that you have left me a comment.

But, as I was reading Me As A Mother's blog this morning it occurred to me... you don't know how to link your email! And Heidi was so kind as to offer you a tutorial on how exactly you can do it and make me a happy lady while you are at it.

On top of that, a contact or About page would be wonderful as well. Unless you are blogging about your extramarital exploits or your serial killing spree, there is no need to stay anonymous. (See #3 here.) I like to  get to know the people I am investing my time reading about. No need for last names or addresses... but please let me know a bit about who you are and why I should spend time with you every day. (With that said, I just realized that during my last blog makeover, I somehow removed my About tab... time to fix that!)

Please have your blog topics organized in some way. A search bar is great... tabs across the top with your key topics... something... anything where I can find my fave posts. (Acckkk! Again- I removed my own topic tabs from the top of my blog during makeover. Whoops.) Crafterminds has a great post here.

Please, for the love of all that is holy... turn off the music! I have seen this tip for years... yet I am continually shocked to open a blog and to be bombarded with their auto-play music. Don't get me wrong, I am interested in your likes in music and love to learn about new artists, but you can simply show me a great YouTube video or tell me about a great artist instead of forcing me to listen to the same song repeatedly every time I visit your blog.

Please don't make me go through that damn Captcha process to leave a comment. I mean, I despise the spam comments as much as the next Momma, but I can not tell you how many times I have written a well thought out comment, only to move on to my next blog after forgetting to complete the whole Captcha rigmarole. You don't know the prose you are missing from this brilliant head when you stop me from commenting. And really, Blogger does a wonderful job of weeding out Spam... I never have any actually show up on my blog before Blogger has auto deleted.

Ok... boring. I know. But I did want to share some tips with my fellow fantastic bloggers.


  1. Your last two tips made me laugh. I've been known to quietly blog surf late at night, only to later be jolted off my chair from the unexpected blaring music from a blog. Pet Peeve.

  2. I am so glad you are spreading the word! And I LOVE the rest of your tips; captcha makes me want to flip out!

  3. So glad to find your blog. We are locating to NH from GA. Very nervous and excited!

  4. One more follow up comment..not sure why it is posting an old blog..but here is the new one:)

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  6. These tips are great! Thanks for Sharing!