Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unofficial end of Summer

I am officially in Back to School mode. This means the unofficial end of summer (*sniff*sniff*).

For me, this means running around to doctors, town office, etc... grabbing various paperwork for Annika's entry into kindergarten (*sniff*sniff*).

Also, I went grocery shopping... for reals. Shopping for meals outside of hot dogs, hamburgers and corn on the cob. Getting back on a meal plan with food... cook inside my house... eaten with silverware.

Shopping for food for lunches and snack time.

This year, I am attempting the Bento box for Ariana... which means researching recipes... er ideas... and buying the box, the accessories... (yes, you do sense a blog post coming.)

I have started organizing the girls' clothes, putting away some of the summer, pulling out the autumn, having fashion shows to create suitable outfits that are then hung together on hangers (a feat of organization saved for only the first month of school every year).

I am also slowly cleaning my disaster of a house which has fallen to the wayside in exchange for days in the park, trips to the ocean, afternoons in the pool, jaunts to the waterpark (no regrets there!)

Goodbye, wonderful summer. You have been so good to me... but I am ready to get these kids back to school!

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