Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Road Trip, 3 Kids, 2 Parents... Easy AND Fun????

In light of a broken oven, dryer and washing machine, we decided to take a budget vacation this year. Which actually suits us just fine. Hubby and I both love the outdoors, hiking, swimming... everything that is free and cheap on a vacation.

Out vacation was 9 days, approximately 600 miles driven, camping in a tent, swimming in 55 degree ocean water, exploring Maine's rocky shore, eating food cooked on a campfire, going to zoo's and amusement parks, stopping by various beaches... and sooo much more.

I bet you are wondering, "Really, fun with 3 kids on a 9 day road trip?" But it worked. It really did. All it took was a bit of planning and sometimes some deep breathing on the adults' part.

So, I am going to dedicate a few posts on how to have a successful road trip with 3 kids where you all come back alive with sanity intact. No, really, it IS possible... barely.

First up, tomorrow... how to pack for a successful trip in the car (and we don't even own a minivan!) wherein your children stay quasi-amused and refrain from beating the snot out of eachother.


  1. Looking forward to hearing all about it! Good friends (only one child) just got back from the same coast/mountain trail... ( and she's got pics up! I think it's so great to vacation like that. We do it now (with grown kids) and, hopefully will with grandkids. when my kids were little we lived in Europe, so vacations were visits home to family in the states.

  2. We love that area. It's always really foggy & rainy when we go to Cadilac mountain though. We almost went to Bar Harbor this Summer, but we went to Ogunquit, Maine & that area instead.

  3. That is an incredibly nice place. I am a nature lover myself and I'd love to visit that kind of place too.