Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Citar: Coloring outside the lines.

"My childhood smells like a box of Crayola crayons." ~Jessi Lane Adams

When you first open a fresh box of crayons... does it flood you with memories?

Coloring... crayons... what a definition of childhood. No matter how dirt poor we were, we always had crayons. Even if you don't have a coloring book, you can always find a scrap of paper to draw a rainbow on. You can color inside the lines... you can let your abstract emotions fly... you can create a masterpiece from a box of 8... or relish in the magnificence of a box of 120... with names like Purple Mountain's Majesty or Wild Blue Yonder.

"Poured a cup of hot sepia coffee in a wisteria flowered mug, dandelion sunshine spilling through the periwinkle sky." ~Terri Guillemets

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  1. Oh, this is magical! I'm teary eyed...the photo is precious, and both quotes are lovely. My first thought was my husband on the floor coloring with our kids (some 20 years ago)...of course, you've never seen such precision coloring in your life! I'm the one who strays outside the lines in our house! Will be back to vist when I have more time to read ~

  2. How absolutely precious! The photo is so sweet and it really is true, thinking about that box of crayolas brings back so many memories. I'm glad my kids have their own now :)