Thursday, June 23, 2011

Say hello to my little friend... summer.

Today begins our summer. Yesterday was Ariana's last day of school... so today I have 3 children to entertain all day... every day! Yikes.

What are we going to do?

• First off, I signed Ariana up for Borders Double Dog Dare Challenge to keep her reading all summer.
• We have vacation starting with a trip to Acadia... 4th of July fireworks from the top of Cadillac Mountain will be AMAZING!
• We have to make it over to Hampton before June 29 to see the sand castle competition.
• There will be festivals, parades, free bowling, concerts... and more.

What are we not doing?

• Cooking inside the house. If you have been wondering where my "What's on The Menu" posts are... they are on hiatus until fall since the menu would read, 'Hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, corn on the cob... etc' every day of the week. I stocked my freezer with the summer essentials and we will pretty much grill every day from here until September.

Sorry, sort of a rambling post... my mind is all a mess with all of these kids running around.


  1. We are in grill mode too!! Enjoy every crazy, fun filled summer momrent!

  2. Sounds like a perfect summer plan. : )

  3. I am having a hard time planning meals myself. Our grill broke, so Aaron turned it into a charcoal grill. I hope he doesn't use it less because of that!