Thursday, June 16, 2011

Best Droid Photo App Yet!

Since getting my Droid, I have been jealous of the cool photo apps for the iPhone. None of the Droid apps seem to measure up to the funky post processing effects of the Instagram or Hipstamatic (and the like.). I have tried FX Camera, picplz, PicSay Pro, Retro Camera, Vignette... to name a few. All of them had a few features that I liked... but I could not find the whole package...

...until now!

MagicHour is my new favorite app. After I took my first picture and I fell in love. (No idea what the water drops are for... but LOVE the tone of the photo.)

There is a free version... but I sprang for the full $1.99 so I could get the 1024 px resolution. It comes with 40 base filters and you can download countless more from the free market. You can also create your own filter... although I have not gotten that far yet.

MagicHour has a really simple interface, it saves at a better resolution than most photo apps, it has seemingly endless possibilities for editing and I love that you can take photos right from the app or import photos from your gallery taken directly from the phone camera.

Here is a sampling of some of the filters applied to a simple photo of Annika in the leaves: {click to enlarge}

...and another set with a cute couple of kids... {click to enlarge}

Expect lots of camera phone pics now!!!


  1. OK. I bought it. This means that hopefully you will see some improved pictures on my blog. :-) Thanks for the review and sample pictures.

  2. I have been so jealous of the instagrm thing for iphone. I will have to get this app. :)

  3. I looked at Magic Hour after you mentioned it on FB but since I have the iphone I have Hipstamatic and Instagram so I'm skipping this one for now! However, if you figure out the "create your own filters" thing I'd be really interested in hearing about it!

  4. And yet another reason that I NEED a Droid!! And those pics are so cute - but I think its more a result of your adorable progeny than that app :)