Wednesday, June 22, 2011

AMAZING, Unique New Hampshire Photographer

If you all remember, I actually packed up my whole family and traveled from NH to Rhode Island last year to have our family photos done. Why the heck did I travel to Rhode Island to have a family photo shoot? Well, I have looked in NH for YEARS for a photographer to fit my family's style to no avail. And the amazing Lisa (who is actually a Canadian photog) was exactly what I wanted, so I would absolutely travel to see her while she happened to be in New England. (And I am so glad I did because her shots were simply perfect.)

Sadly, when her schedule brings her back to New England again this year, it is just not in the stars for us to meet up with her (we will be on vacation far, far away.)

As very sad as I was to miss Lisa... I think karma looked upon me and sent me Rachel. Rachel (of Rachel Halsey Photography) contacted me to see if we could work out a way for her to advertise on my blog. But, as my readers know, I am not a fan of advertising (except for my own Etsy shop, of course!) as it just feels tacky for me to push stuff on the people are are kind enough to visit me every day. Kind of like if you walked into my house and I pushed a pair of shoes at your face and said, "HERE. BUY THESE."


I opened her website and immediately fell in love when I saw her photos of this gorgeous couple.... Ahhhh! She has exactly the tone and style of photography that I adore. How have I missed her until now??? I mean, a truly talented photographer right on the seacoast of NH??? {This is not her, but a photo of some other gorgeous photographer she captured.}

And she captures children exactly how I like it... naturally:
Can you tell I am just slightly excited to get our photos done with her???

Although, her and I have not worked out any advertising agreements yet, I did see that she has a giveaway going on for a free photo shoot and I just had to share it with you. If you live in southern Maine, northern Mass. or New Hampshire, I would seriously suggest entering her giveaway and then bookmarking her site because she is clearly going to be the go-to photographer for young families in our area.

{All photos contained in this post are courtesy of Rachel and belong to her (and by that I mean I stole them off her blog without her permission... I hope she doesn't mind!)}


  1. I can't wait to see your photos from this upcoming shoot. Her stuff IS amazing!!

  2. Great find! Agree with all the points you made about her photos, and am always glad to discover NE artists!