Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Citar: Family Tree

“A tree is known by its fruit.” -Proverb

We spent a fantastic weekend with my in-laws last weekend celebrating Easter, my mother-in-laws birthday, and the coming of spring. It is always fun for our family, especially the kids, when we get to spend time at the in-laws since they have cousins all around the same age.

I grew up with around 30 cousins- so I am fond of that familial bond. And I am reminded of that joy from my own childhood as I see my girls playing with, cuddling, laughing with and thoroughly enjoying their cousins.

The overall feeling of peace and contentment felt reminds me that a tree is known by it's fruit and I am happy to have created new branches on this particular tree.

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  1. I wish my kids had more cousins. My family lives so far away and there are 3 cousins there, but Aaron's brothers don't have any kids. :( I didn't really have a lot of cousins growing up either, but it is something I would love for my kids to experience.