Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Youth Gone Wild

As Colby and I were watching the news the other night, we were both shocked and dismayed by what we saw:

"North Andover Junior Prom Shut Down After Pot Brownies Incident"

Apparently kids have discovered... MARIJUANA! Right here in New England! I do not know what this world is coming to. Thank goodness the school had the foresight to shut down the whole prom shenanigans before any more kids were exposed to this marijuana drug.

And then, the very next morning, more devastating news:

"Plainville underage drinking party busted."

Drinking? At a PARTY? And they were underage? What is this world coming to??? Where are these kids learning this stuff?

Well, as we put on PBS to get away from all the bad news, I found out where:
Seriously PBS? Teaching this stuff to our children through the guise of an innocent SuperWhy! episode???

I am so glad I was never involved in any of this raucous behavior that the mislead youth of today seem to be falling into... (although I am not sure these escapades were quite newsworthy back in my day.)

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  1. It's shocking, isn't it? My stepson told me that he was going to quit smoking weed until this summer. He said it's messing up his soccer playing. Also, he said, it's getting too pricey right now and he isn't able to keep up his shifts at work to pay for it.

    TMI, sweety!! I don't need to know this as a parent.