Friday, April 22, 2011

This Ain't Yo' Momma's Grilled Cheese: Mexican Pepper Jack

This was one of my favorite so far:

Artisan Bread (I used a Rye loaf)
Cabot Pepper Jack (we also tried the Cabot Chipotle, which was great as well.)
Sundried Tomatoes
REAL butter
Tortilla chips

The first thing to do is make a paste from the tortillas and butter. Put a few tortilla chips in a Magic Bullet or food processor and grind them to a powder. Then mix them with a couple of tablespoons of butter. (Make sure the paste is more butter and less tortilla or it will not spread on bread well.) Spread your butter mixture on a piece of bread and place butter down in your cast iron skillet. Spread on some guac and a few pieces of sundried tomato. Add of few pieces of cheese and the second piece of bread, tortilla butter face up.

Toast to perfection, turning every few minutes. And voila:

It is soooo yummy.

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...aaaand, I was featured here along with some other fabulous grilled cheese recipes!


  1. Ooh...that has me drooling! Is it lunch time yet??

  2. Oh, so yummy! Anything with avocado is delicious. Well, not anything, but almost anything!

  3. That combination sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing :) Our farm family owners appreciate your support!