Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kids Say (and do) The Darndest Things

I have taken up hula hooping. I have found it is a fun way to exercise and the girls in this house have developed a bit of competitive spirit when it comes to learning new hula hoop tricks. It is something Ariana, Annika and myself can spend hours doing in our living room or (where are the sweet sun Gods) out on the deck or lawn.

Cut to the chase... I wanted to video myself doing a few tricks so I could see if I looked as spectacular as I think I do or more like a flailing hyenea.

As I turned the camera in my computer on... this is a small clip of the next few minutes of me trying to capture my grand hula skills...

If you do not have (or have not had) a 2-year-old... they are the BEST! Seriously, what a freakin' fun age. Pure, unadulterated, care free little bugs.


  1. Haha! Too cute! :) And I agree! My son will be two in June and last night in between crashing his airplanes into each other, he would stop and ask each one if they were ok, lol! I love TWO ~ for the most part :)

  2. Thats adorable, and even though I didn't see much of your hooping skills you have way more then I do! I've been trying to get so good at hooping for a while now, no deals!