Monday, March 21, 2011

Whats on the Menu?

Monday: Leftovers (Colby was away for the weekend so, without his belly, we ended up with a lot of extra food!)
Tuesday: Spinach Feta Quiche (This recipe calls for frozen spinach and canned mushrooms, but I use fresh.)
Wednesday: Burrito Pie (already in my freezer, thanks to an epic cook and freeze session with my friend Carolyn last week. Yay for freezer dinners on busy nights!)
Thursday: Chicken, Brown Rice, kids veggie of choice
Friday: Leftovers/Pizza/Brinner

I have been pretty good about keeping up on my menu planning, and it is a time saver and a stress saver. I do not need to spend the morning or afternoon pouring over recipes and making trips to the grocery store. If you have not tried menu planning, you really should. Especially with jobs and children and countless activities... it just simplifies your routine and most likely will lead to healthier eating with less fast food and grab and go options.

(P.S. Check out my new link on my sidebar for Elle's New England Kitchen, she is one of my fave go-to's for recipes... and I especially like that she's local.)

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