Friday, March 11, 2011

Simple Rainy Day Fun: FAIL!

Remember when I said that I would be coming up with some fun stuff to entertain my little ones during the rainy season? Well, when we woke up to this today.... I figured it was time to brain storm... and I thought bowling was a good bet. Inside, out of the rain, and fun for a two and five year old. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.

This would turn out to be one of my worst parenting ideas in quite a while. It all started out nice enough. We got our cool shoes: Took the stance: aaaannnddd, that is where the fun ended... about 5 minutes into our adventure.

There would be timeouts: Acadia deciding she'd rather play Legos than bowl:

Me holding her in a choke hold to keep her from running down the lane as the owner yelled, "You can't go past the red line!!!" (No shit, Sherlock, try explaining that to my 2-year-old.) Thank all-that-is-holy we went at 9am so we were all alone. Lest someone be stuck in a lane next to us to hear my constant yelling, "Annika, STOP! Acadia, DON'T! Annika, I SAID NO!..."

Actually outtakes from today's trip...

Take your head out of that ball return.
Stop wiping boogers on things.
Don't lick that ball!
Get down off there.
Acadia Skye! We can't run after the ball... let it go down the lane alone!
So, 45 minutes and $32 later, (apparently, it costs approximately $20 for them to push the button to put the bumpers down) we bailed. 32 freakin' dollars for 45 minutes of an anxiety-ridden, parenting fail, epically crappy outing.

To conclude: do NOT take a 2 year old and a five year old bowling. This little experiment is hereby shelved for the next 3-5 years.


  1. oh no! that is one of josie & i's fav things to do ... bummer! but geez that is super expensive ... i think that is double what we pay ...

  2. I took my kids bowling the other day, and Steve's youngest son went with us also, I totally agree with not taking a 3 year old, he was running down the lane, running in front of people while they were trying to play, throwing two balls down the lane at the same time and just being a pain, Azailyah was fine, she really loved it as well as Jaydah and Tyler but we spent 80 dollars and I was not going to let Chayse ruin it so we brought in the trusty stroller and locked him up and that is where he stayed until we were finished playing our game.. It was a good thought but next time Chayse will be home with a sitter while we take the older children out.

  3. We have only taken Tommy bowling with our friend and his daughters - we had 4 adults for 3 kids (and Olivia) I think that ratio is perfect, any more kids and we would have lost our minds!! I can't believe they charged you so much for the stupid bumpers, that horrible!!

  4. Oh no! That shounds like a nightmare. Nate is not the best directions follower so I think we'll skip bowling for a while.

    The girls are so funny. Annoying at times, but funny in a way that only kids can be.