Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Photography for Dummies

Although I use Photoshop every.single.day of my life, I am still a complete novice. That is why people like Rita absoltutely amaze me.
She comes up with the most amazing actions and presets for Photoshop. Truly. Amazing. She can make a photo of my toilet look interesting. I used her ColorBar Color Palette template on my plain butterfly photo above to display some of the colors that are prevelant in the photo. Why? Well, is it useful for me personally for my photo blocks. I can take a photo, put together a template like this one and see what theme of digital papers will mesh with that photo.

But that is just the (boring) tip of the iceburg of what you can do with her actions and templates. I can create more (jazz hands) jazzy photos...

Or maybe just some subtle color shifts that can really make a photo memorable...

There is my photo tip for dummies. The CoffeeShop Blog is a must see for budding photographers.

*If you have no idea how to even start installing an action, start here.*

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