Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kids Say: What's with all the questions???

Annika is five.

Five-year-olds ask a lot of questions.

This is one part of parenting you are never told about. Your child may ask you... WILL ask you questions.

Some you are more than happy to answer.
Some you will try to answer.
Some you can't answer.
Some you don't want to answer.
Some you don't know how to answer.

We were on our way to a play date with my wonderful friend, Bob and his 2 fabulous daughters, Mary and Jane. In a uncommon lull in conversation, Annika asks, "Mommy, why do Mary and Jane have dark skin and Bob has white skin?" (*Bob may or may not have a complexion similar to that of Conan O'Brien.)

"Uhhh... Mary and Jane are adopted."

"What does adopted mean?"

"Well.... their mommy did not think she were the best mommy and she loved them so much that she thought that Bob and Joe would be the best parents for them."

"Oh. Why is it 'Bob and Joe' and not 'Bob and a mommy'?"

"Uhhhh... Oh. Look. We are here. Let's go play and eats lots of cookies!"


  1. Last year, while visiting Matt's parents for Passover, Amelia and Lexi were playing "wedding," and arguing over who got to be the bride. My Amelia (4 years old at the time) suggested they both be brides, and Lexi objected. Amelia stood her ground, and right in front of Bubbe and Zayde (Lexi's grandma and grandpa), she said, "Mama said that two girls can get married, so we will both be brides, or I'm not playing!"

    I was simultaneously proud and embarrassed (they're older and very conservative, and we were guests in their home for a religious holiday, after all). But I was mostly proud.

  2. Oh goodness! I don't have kids yet but I can only imagine. My friends 5 year old boy asked her the other day a very embarrassing question about boy vs girl anatomy. Priceless!

  3. Oh the hard questions. Nate is starting in with those too. Luckily the science one I can answer, but some of the other questions I don't know that I am ready for. There should be a class on this kind of thing!

  4. The summer I got married my 5 year old flower girl went to another wedding. A woman in her mom's office was having a ceremony with her female partner (no gay marriage in Vermont 9 years ago). At the end of the service the 5 year old looks at her mom and says "Why are those 2 ladies kissing?" Her mom says, "They just got married." Little one responds with an unconcerned "Okay."

    I hope some day that is how we all see it.