Thursday, February 3, 2011

Going Green: Quick Tip

Did you know that a vinyl shower curtain liner releases over 100 toxic chemicals? Yeah, me neither. You'd think someone as interested in removing toxins from my family's lives and keeping my children healthy would have noticed that distinctive smell and thought, "Hmmm..." But it has never really occurred to me until I started shopping for a new curtain.

And now, we will be going liner free. It seems as though you can get a 100% cotton shower curtain and your bathroom will stay dry. It will also stay mold and mildew free, unlike the vinyl counterpart. You do need to make sure there is proper air circulation in your bathroom to dry the curtain, but you will eliminate the toxins and the waste that comes every couple of months when you throw that liner in the landfill. I like this one from Vermont Country Store since it is made locally.

Yet another very simple step in going green.


  1. I use a fabric liner for my shower curtain. Aaron wanted me to get a vinyl one and now I have an argument as to why I won't besides the fact that they skeeve me out!

  2. I have a fabric liner in both of my showers. I throw them in the laundry with my shower curtain and towels. I feel like it gives me the extra layer of leakage in my stall shower and I have a really translucent shower curtain in my tub/shower.

  3. I have a fabric one as well. It is the best because I do not have to replace it ever, just wash it once a week.

  4. I've gone fabric too. And sometimes water gets on the floor, but I just sop it up with a washcloth and see it as a quick way to swab the floor!