Monday, January 17, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday: Winter Edition

I have not had a photo of me with any of the girls in awhile... but today, the planets aligned and Ariana and I were finally able to try out our new Christmas snowshoes! I just had to commemorate the event with at least one photo of us... And it was everything I hoped it would be... exhilarating, peaceful, aerobic, adventurous... We decided we liked it so much, we would have a standing date to go every Sunday. We want to wander around town and see what secret trails we can find to stomp through.

When we walked in and I exclaimed how fun it was, Colby asked, "Are we finally going to be one of those families?" The ones that get excited for winter rather than piss and whine at the sign of the first snowflake?

Maybe... that is until about 4 months in when we've had enough raw noses, frozen fingers, constricted lungs and frostbitten toes. But, for now... we'll enjoy every step in that gorgeous white snow with our trusty new LL Bean toys.

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  1. How fun. I've always wanted to try snowshoeing. : ) Glad you two had fun.

  2. BRRRR! I don't miss those days at all! I grew up in Connecticut and am so glad I live in Florida now.
    It looks like y'all had a wonderful time, however. Love the photos and the beautiful smiles.

  3. I may never be a snow-loving individual, but I did have fun sledding this weekend! Does that count?

  4. How fun! I bet it was a workout. I've done cross-country skiing and that's exhausting. I can only imagine walking.

    Looks so beautiful and wintry.

  5. You are really making me want to dig out my snow shoes and head out too!! Looks & sounds like you guys had a wonderful time!!

  6. looks so cold yet so awesome! ;)